Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Building a Tip Sheet for Laid Off Journalists (and others)

As part of the report on the #laidoff study, we’re compiling a list of online resources where you can find guides and advice about how to get back into the work force, re-tool your career and shift directions, or keep your current journalism jobs.

If you have suggestions for other sites or links we should include, please add those below or send them to me a FPNel @ . Thanks.

Job Search Engines, Articles & Guides:

What support is on offer for graduates of the University of Central Lancashire, home to the UK's oldest journalism programme?

Training Sessions:
  • Vision + Media - provide a range of activities to support media professionals in the Northwest.
  • News University - training and courses for journalists, many of them free (project by the Poynter Institute)

How to Keep Your Job if You Still Have One:

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